My goal is to encourage responsible development of North Dakota’s ag and energy resources so we continue to have a vibrant economy, so good jobs remain available, and so our citizens can continue to enjoy dependable and affordable utilities.

The way to do that is to encourage infrastructure development, make sure our ag producers get a fair shake, take care of our land, and follow the law.


In the last decade, we’ve seen North Dakota become the second largest oil-producing state in the nation behind only Texas. That has brought unprecedented prosperity and opportunities for our state. However, western North Dakota also faces some challenges due to this rapid development.

Currently, we flare 33 percent of the natural gas produced from oil wells. We must work harder to harvest this resource, which means building the infrastructure to capture, transport and process this clean and abundant energy.

We must also build the pipelines needed to transport not only our natural gas resources, but our oil resources. Pipeline infrastructure will not only mean fewer trucks and less traffic on our roads, but it will minimize the amount of deductions and price decreases that we’re taking on our oil.

This also means building the transmission lines we need to get electricity generated by our renewable resources to our homes and businesses, as well as to western North Dakota to help power the rigs, pipelines, pumps, and wells operating in that area.


As a landowner and rancher of a 106-year-old farm, I understand the importance of our agriculture industry. As Public Service Commissioner, I would be dedicated to making sure our farmers and ranchers get a fair shake.

This means respecting landowner rights when it comes to building the pipeline and transmission infrastructure that will deliver utilities to our communities, homes and businesses. As a legislator in energy country, I have extensive experience in working with both landowners and industry and bringing them together to come to agreement that will benefit both. I look forward to bringing that experience to the Public Service Commission.


With North Dakota’s growth in energy development, many outside organizations and agencies are attempting to gain control of our regulatory role and impose burdensome regulations that would slow our economic progress and increase the cost of our utilities and cost of living.  We must remain vigilant and reassert our success in regulating our own industries.

Our state has done a tremendous job in putting the laws and regulations in place that ensure the safety and protection of some of our greatest natural resources: our land, air and water. North Dakota currently enjoys some of the cleanest air and water in the nation. As Public Service Commissioner, I will be dedicated to making sure it stays that way by following the laws and fighting to maintain the local control that keep North Dakota a great place to live.

As your Public Service Commissioner, I will remain dedicated to encouraging the responsible development of our ag and energy resources, building necessary infrastructure, capturing more of our natural gas, refining more of our oil, getting more of the trucks off the roads, and preserving our heritage so we continue to have a vibrant economy, more good jobs and so our citizens can continue to enjoy dependable and affordable utilities.