Preparing for a First for the PSC

By Tom Gerhardt, News Director, KX News

It’s something that’s never happened in the history of the Public Service Commission.

In January two new members will join Brian Kalk on the commission.

Julie Fedorchak and Randy Christmann will take the places of Kevin Cramer and Bonnie Fettig.

Fedorchak was appointed to fill out Kevin Cramer’s term. Cramer was elected to the US House.

I think that ten or fifteen years ago the Public Service Commission was more of a quiet area and people didn’t pay that much attention to it, but because of the energy growth both the demands of work here and awareness of the public is much higher so with added interest comes added attention and added responsibility I think it’s very exciting, it’s a huge honor,” says Julie Fedorchak

Christmann served as a state lawmaker for eighteen years. He was elected to the PSC and will take Bonnie Fetchs’ place.

As I looked at what might be most likely to ruin what we’ve done in the last eighteen years it’s the regulatory world. Now most likely that’s the EPA or some federal agency but it can also happen here, too, and so I thought where I can do the most good with the experience and the background I have is by moving into the regulatory world and so I pursued the Public Service Commission,” says Randy Christmann.

Fedorchak and Christmann officially begin their new positions in January.