Tom Seymour and Meyer Kinnoin: Supporting Christmann

With all the bickering and partisanship that has dominated this year’s elections, we feel an important point is being missed in the Public Service Commission race. Between us, we served in the North Dakota Senate with Randy Christmann for 14 years, 10 of those years on the same committee. Despite the fact that we are Democrats and Randy is Republican, we have always found ways to work together, and we consider Randy a good friend.

What we want readers to know is that we always found Randy Christmann to be a man of integrity. He works with people from both parties to do what is right for the people of North Dakota. Randy brings experience in agriculture, energy and telecommunications. Randy Christmann is clearly the right choice for the PSC.

We are proud to move past political lines and endorse Randy Christmann for the Public Service Commission.

Tom Seymour, Minot, and Meyer Kinnoin, Stanley