Letter to the Editor: Christmann for PSC

Steffanie Boeckel, Beulah

Elections have consequences, that why I’m voting for Randy Christmann for Public Service Commission.

On the national scene, the debate over cap and trade died after the November 2010 election when Republicans took back control of the House. However, I don’t believe the issue has died with Brad Crabtree, the Democrat’s candidate for the PSC.

In a February 2010 Bismarck Tribune article, Crabtree said he supports cap and trade. He goes on to say, “It’s my professional work, it’s my life’s work and just because I’m running for office, I’m not going to change that.”

If cap and trade were to pass, North Dakota’s lignite industry would be devastated. Our state would have about $15 billion in stranded assets along with thousands of unemployed miners and power plants workers.

In the November election, I support Republican Randy Christmann. He understands and supports the lignite industry. He has served for many years both in the Legislature as a state senator and as vice chairman of Lignite Research Council.

The choice couldn’t be any clearer. Christmann supports North Dakotans and good paying jobs. His opponent does not.