News Release: Christmann Statement on Crabtree’s Radical Environmental Agenda

Bismarck, N.D. – Public Service Commissioner (PSC) candidate Randy Christmann today issued the following statement responding to Democrat Brad Crabtree’s press conference in Grand Forks:

“I support both energy conservation and the construction of new power plants. However, Brad Crabtree is using this issue as a diversion from his radical environmental agenda. Crabtree supports Cap-and-Trade, a policy that will increase federal regulations and energy costs. The biggest threat to consumers and utilities in our state is the uncertainty in the marketplace caused by the EPA’s constant attempt to take over the coal industry and the threat of job-killing, cost-increasing policies like Cap-and-Trade.

“What we really need are common sense solutions like the Stop the War on Coal Act (H.R. 3409) that passed the U.S. House last week and would provide strong state oversight in the regulation of our coal industry. The PSC presided over a period of tremendous energy development in North Dakota and our state has among the lowest electricity rates in the nation. We need to continue that record through sound government regulations and market-driven policies, and by stopping burdensome policies like Cap-and-Trade, which Crabtree supports.”

Randy Christmann is Republican State Senator running for Public Service Commissioner.  In 2000, Senate Republicans chose Randy to serve as their Assistant Majority Leader. He also serves on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Randy operates a 106-year-old third generation cattle ranch West of Hazen.