Letter to the Editor: Crabtree would turn North Dakota PSC into EPA

This year, North Dakotans will vote for our next commissioner of the Public Service Commission.

In trying to determine who I should vote for, I’ve researched the candidates running. What I’ve been able to find is that one candidate, Brad Crabtree, has gone completely off the grid and is trying to debate something that is entirely legal and, frankly, is a matter of free speech, and that is my and your right to donate our money to whomever we feel is the right candidate.

Nowhere can I find information on his stance on the Keystone XL pipeline, which is vital to transporting our state’s oil resources to market.

This is a project that would help remove some of the discounts we receive on our oil and would help get hundreds — if not thousands — of trucks off our roads.

Nowhere have I seen his opinion on how he would handle the siting of other pipelines in the state. What I have found is that he supports cap and trade, a policy that we have long known would bring to a halt the large majority of North Dakota’s energy production, whether it come from coal, oil or natural gas.

I have also found that his ideologies often fall in line with environmentalists who are suing leaders in our state and would like to see regulation turned over to the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency that has been making attempt after attempt to grab power from the states and turn it over to the federal government.

Crabtree tries to present himself as a moderate, but all I see is an environmentalist who would just as soon turn our Public Service Commission into another EPA.

That’s why I’ve made the decision to back Randy Christmann. I hope all of you who support North Dakota’s growth and economic progress will too.

Carson Kouba, Regent