News Release: U.S. Senate should pass Hoeven’s Keystone amendment

BISMARCK, ND – Randy Christmann, North Dakota State Senator and Public Service Commission Candidate, commended Sen. John Hoeven for reintroducing the Keystone Bill today in the U.S. Senate, and added that the U.S. Senate should quickly pass the amendment to allow this critical project to finally move forward.

“The Keystone Pipeline is the exact kind of infrastructure we need in North Dakota to help get more trucks off our roads, reduce wear and tear, and get more of North Dakota’s crude oil to market with fewer price discounts,” said Christmann. “T I applaud Sen. John Hoeven’s leadership and commitment to passing this common-sense bill that will help create thousands of jobs for Americans and help increase our nation’s energy security.”

The Keystone would allow for on-ramps of North Dakota crude, bringing relief to many western communities that are overburdened with heavy traffic. Christmann said increasing pipeline infrastructure should be among the top priorities for the energy industry and the state, and the Public Service Commission should continue working to ensure Keystone and other pipelines are expeditiously sited and built while continuing its strong record of working to protect landowners’ rights and our state’s cultural and natural resources.

“Pipelines remain the safest way to transport crude oil,” said Christmann. “With gas prices and national unemployment soaring, frankly, I’m appalled that this project has been held hostage by radical environmentalists and is still waiting approval.”

As a state senator, Christmann worked with the North Dakota State Legislature and state leaders to help put in place the regulatory framework and policies that have facilitated energy sector expansion in both the public and private sector. Christmann says he looks forward to continuing this positive growth as a Public Service Commissioner.