News Release: Christmann applauds announcement of natural gas to fertilizer plant

BISMARCK, ND – Randy Christmann today applauded Gov. Jack Dalrymple and CHS’ announcement to move forward on the study and construction of a plant that would convert natural gas produced in North Dakota into nitrogen fertilizer. Currently, North Dakota flares more than one-third of its natural gas & farmers annually face an unreliable supply of fertilizer.

“The CHS project is exactly the kind of infrastructure development  I have been talking about since announcing my candidacy for the PSC,” said Christmann. “Not only will this project allow North Dakota to take full advantage of our energy resources and reduce the flaring of gas, it will provide our ag producers a much needed supply of fertilizer.  The PSC will play a vital role in helping to ensure this project has a dependable source of North Dakota natural gas.”

The plant would be built near Spiritwood, ND, and would take natural gas from existing pipelines that transport natural gas across the state. According to CHS, the plant will produce 2,200 tons of fertilizer daily, providing a consistent and dependable supply of domestic fertilizer.

“These are the kinds of projects made possible by the sound legislative and regulatory framework put in place by the legislature and state leaders to promote and expand our energy and agriculture resources,” said Christmann