News Release: Christmann issues statement regarding Crabtree’s press conference

BISMARCK, ND – Public Service Commission candidate Randy Christmann today issued this statement in response to Democrat Brad Crabtree’s news conference:

“Clearly, Brad Crabtree does not understand the issue and his ideas are not new. North Dakota already has a 100 percent extraction tax exemption for oil gained by carbon sequestration, and we also have available room in existing CO2 pipelines and plans for additional pipelines in the works. As a state legislator, I also supported legislation that made North Dakota the first in our nation to create a statutory framework for the regulation of long-term geologic storage of carbon dioxide by the North Dakota Industrial Commission.

“The problem is that there is no proven and economically feasible technology to gain CO2 from coal based power plants. This is caused in part by economic uncertainty created by regulations proposed by the EPA and other radical policies like cap and trade and discounts on so-called green energy that will only drive up the cost of electricity. These are policies supported by my opponent.

“What we need are common sense solutions, not the government-driven solutions that we can expect from Crabtree. I am focused on the safe expansion of oil and gas pipeline infrastructure that will get trucks off the road, fulfill the need for increased electrical demand, keep our utility costs low and keep ND’s economy the envy of the nation.”