News Release: Christmann holds press conferences to address Brad Crabtree hypocrisy

Republican Public Service Commission candidate Randy Christmann held press conferences in Fargo and Bismarck today to address recent attacks by Brad Crabtree, the Democrat candidate. So far, Crabtree’s campaign has centered on falsely accusing current commissioners Brian Kalk and Kevin Cramer of inappropriate campaign contributions.

Today, Christmann pushed back against Crabtree.

According to Christmann, the political contributions Crabtree refers to in his attacks were voluntarily donated by individuals, not corporations, so those donations are legal.

“[Crabtree] is really talking about voluntary, individual contributions,” Christmann said. “The contributions he has questioned here are legal and there is no legal precedent suggesting otherwise.”

Christmann continued by saying that Crabtree’s efforts to restrict any individual’s ability to make political contributions based on his or her profession is to deny American citizens equal political opportunity. “He wants to restrict who can participate in our democratic process,” Christmann said.

Furthermore, according to Christmann, Crabtree is a hypocrite who is trying to deflect attention away from his unpopular, radical environmentalism.

“He has no problem taking money from radical environmentalists with interests before the PSC,” Christmann said. “And, despite his concerns for the effect of industry money on the PSC, he has accepted political contributions from people with pipeline interests in North Dakota.”

Christmann called for a return to the issues that matter in this election: the responsible development of North Dakota’s ag and energy resources, constructing necessary infrastructure, capturing more natural gas, refining more oil, getting more trucks off the roads, and preserving North Dakota’s heritage.

“These are the things I’ve been talking about in every corner of the state, and these are the things this campaign ought to be about,” Christmann said.

Christmann and Crabtree face off in the general election on November 6.

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