Licensed grain storage in North Dakota has increased more than 4.5 percent from approximately 451 million bushels of capacity in 2015 to 471 million bushels currently, according to the North Dakota Public Service Commission. This does not include private, on-farm grain storage which is not tracked by the PSC.

“Even in these times of depressed commodity prices, our grain industry has really stepped up by adding valuable new storage,” said Commissioner Randy Christmann. “As our agriculture producers continue to increase their ability to grow food and fuel for the world, we continue to benefit from additional storage options.”

The Commission licenses 383 grain warehouses and 81 roving grain buyers. North Dakota licensed public grain warehouses average 1,229,500 bushels of storage capacity, more than double the average capacity in 2000. One hundred years ago the state had more than 2,000 licensed elevators, averaging only 30,000 bushels of capacity for a total licensed capacity of approximately 60 million bushels.