Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann was presented with the Distinguished Service Award for a Regulatory Program at the Lignite Energy Council’s Annual Meeting held in Bismarck last week. The award recognizes Commissioner Christmann’s work to educate North Dakotans about the impact of the proposed Clean Power Plan. 

During remarks given by Jason Bohrer, Lignite Energy Council President, it was noted that Commissioner Christmann attended four public hearings organized by the Department of Health that were held in Williston, Beulah, Bismarck and Fargo. At each meeting, Commissioner Christmann appeared and gave a statement regarding the Clean Power Plan’s devastating impact on the state of North Dakota and the lignite industry. 

“As a member of the PSC, he deals with the public and knows that any rate increase creates hardships on families – especially those on fixed income,” said Bohrer during his remarks. “So it’s our pleasure to recognized Randy Christmann for his voice in letting people across the state know just how devastating the Clean Power Plan would be on electric rates to our state citizens and the lignite industry.” 

“It really is my pleasure to support North Dakota’s lignite industry because what they do not only benefits those people directly involved in the industry, but it also benefits all of us who cherish the dependable and affordable energy they provide,” said Commissioner Christmann.