BISMARCK, N.D. – Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann today received the North Dakota Republican Party’s endorsement to serve another term in the North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC). The convention took place at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks where Christmann received unanimous support from the convention delegates.

In his acceptance speech to the delegates­, the Christmann highlighted the PSC’s leadership in regulating and expanding crucial services in the state of North Dakota, including gas and electric utilities.

“We all like low rates, but we also need to make sure the providers have the necessary resources to provide safe and dependable service,” said Christmann. “Well, I am glad to report that in North Dakota our regulated utilities have excellent reliability statistics and some of the lowest residential electric rates in the nation.”

Among the greatest responsibilities of the PSC the past five years has been its work in siting and permitting major transmission lines and energy conversion facilities. The PSC has approved more than $9 billion in energy infrastructure projects, or an average $150 million per month since 2012.

“These projects take trucks off the road, reduce flaring, move our products more safely and more efficiently, enhance revenue for mineral owners, create thousands of jobs, grow our economy and enhance America’s energy independence,” said Christmann. “This part of our job has been almost overwhelming at times these past five years, but we have made sure these investments are built to North Dakota’s high safety standards.”

“I am excited to continue this important work of making our processes even more efficient and effective and to growing this great state of North Dakota.”