by Forum Editorial Board

North Dakota state government is well managed and its statewide officeholders reflect the views of residents, who prefer a government that is responsive but not intrusive. The slate of candidates up for reelection is a roster of experienced, steady hands at the wheel who deserve to stay on the job.

So we endorse Wayne Stenehjem to remain attorney general, Al Jaeger to remain secretary of state, Doug Goehring to remain agriculture commissioner and the two incumbents on the Public Service Commission, Randy Christmann and Brian Kroshus, to continue in those roles. Voters also should elect Justice Lisa Fair McEvers to stay on the North Dakota Supreme Court.


Christmann, who was elected to the Public Service Commission in 2012, serves as chairman of the group, which regulates utilities and has an important role in overseeing energy development in the state. Before he was elected to the PSC, Christmann, a Republican, served in the North Dakota Senate and once served as a legislative appointee to the Lignite Research Council. He operates a 107-year-old, third generation cattle ranch west of Hazen.

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